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Monica Ellingsen

The visual artist Monica Ellingsen, b. 1971, lives and works on the island Skrova in the Lofoten
islands. She is educated from Saint Marys University and NASCAD University in Canada, where she
studied photography and drawing.

Black&white photography has always been a central part of her artistic work, and the span between
darkness and light is a continuous source of attraction. She is inspired by traditional photo
techniques from her time in the darkroom, and focuses on the immediate, pure and intimate
expression. Time and space are important elements when she works, and the presence of the
moment of exposure is essential. Her photographs are recognizable with their poetic, abstract and
underlying dramatic visual language. Her pull towards the minimalistic and graphic expression is
often mirrored in her work. She has immersed herself in motifs such as landscapes - often in a grand
scale, industrial patterns and details from scrap heaps, and softer objects such as silk and feathers in
contrast to strong backgrounds. Taking portraits is something she keeps coming back to. The
photographs shown here in Skrova are from her series of portraits named “BlueBell”.
Her inspiration from abstract drawing and graphic arts has led to the use of new artistic tools in her
work, and her engagement in further training in various drawing techniques translates into her mixed
media art.

Monica Ellingsen has had several exhibitions in Norway and abroad. In addition to her work as a
visual artist, she is also the co-owner of Gallery Skrova.


Anders Carlsson

Studied photography with Christer Strömholm in Stocholm in the sixties. Has worked with commercial photography the last 40 years. Now he commutes between Stockholm and Skrova, where he has run galleries since 2004. 

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